The Stormers are set to go head to head in a must win battle against their fellow Southern counterparts this weekend. In a match that will feature some interesting match ups, I’d like to take this time to feature a less highlighted battle. The battle of the Cheerleaders:

The Sharks Flasher Girls:

The Sharks Flasher Girls have been around the longest, and are most likely  the favourites to take the title, especially amongst the home crowd. Lets see what they are capable of:

HARK? Ya, ya, both “S”s did a runner on me…

The Stormers Vodababes:

Relatively new on the block, the Stormers Vodababes will be out amongst the Sharks faithful to cause a few upsets. Let’s take a look at what they are capable of:

Very capable...

You bring the jelly, I’ll bring the beer… Which squad will win the battle of the babes?